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Is used to move back teeth in the upper jaw and/or to slow forward jaw growths. The severity of the problem determines the length of time headgear needs to be worn. The key to success with your headgear appliance is consistency.
Headgear should never be worn while playing sports and should also be removed while eating or brushing your teeth.

Lower Lingual Arch
Acts a space maintainer to keep the molars from drifting forward, so it keeps space for permenant teeth to erupt . It used in cases of premature loss of primary  teeth or when the lower teeth of a growing child are slightly crowded and no permanent teeth are extracted to correct the problem.

Firstly soft diet is recommended .  Avoid sticky or hard foods Brushing and flossing daily is very important. Be sure to clean around the bands that are connected to the molars and the wire on the tongue side. This will prevent the formation of cavities or infection of the gums.Generally, the Lower Lingual Arch is removed following the eruption of all the permanent teeth.

Nance Appliance
used to rotate molars or just to hold the molars in place. It is most commonly used to keep the upper molars from drifting forward. It can also be used to slightly expand or rotate the upper molars

The appliance is made of two bands that are cemented onto the first molars and a wire spans the roof of the mouth from one molar to the other. An acrylic pad or "button" covers the wire that touches the roof of your mouth directly behind your front teeth.
Patients should always brush around the bands daily. Do not eat sticky, chewy candy as it can loosen your appliance.

The Forsus appliance is used in order to help move the upper molars back while moving the lower arch forward. Composed of a spring coil rod, the appliance is used while a patient is currently wearing braces. It runs from the upper first molar band down to the lower archwire
If your Forsus appliance breaks, please contact our office immediately to schedule a repair appointment

Thumb/Finger Appliance

Prolonged Thumb sucking that persists beyond the eruption of primary teeth can cause improper growth of the mouth and misalignment of the teeth. If you notice prolonged and/or vigorous thumb sucking behavior in your child, talk to your dentist.
The  solution is "fixed palatal crib." This appliance is put on the child's upper teeth. The crib consists of semicircular stainless steel wires that are fastened to molars using bands. The crib usually stops the habit of thumb sucking within the first day of use.

Herbst appliance promotes jaw growth to correct overbites in her patients. Patients using the appliance see rapid results and feel the benefits of having straight teeth and a properly aligned jaw
Your Herbst appliance will be checked and adjusted at your appointments. If, sometimes between appointments, you develop some sore areas on the inside of your cheeks, please do not try to adjust the appliance yourself. Call for an appointment so that the necessary adjustments can be made

Expansion Retainer
Also known as an expander,  used for widening the dental arch. It is used most commonly in the upper arch, but can also be used in the lower. The expander is removable and uses small turns of the center expansion joint to increase the width across the dental arch


Twice the benefit in half the time
The Twin Force Bite Corrector Device is a revolutionary orthodontic intraoral appliance for the correction of Class II and Class III malocclusion. Now, even your most non-compliant patients can make the move to an ideal Class I molar relationship faster with less discomfort than any other device on the market today. The Twin Force Bite Corrector Device is easy and quick to use, and requires no adjustment. And only the Twin Force Bite Corrector Device offers continual dual force technology for fast, gentle continuous force to both the maxilla and mandible.
Bite Correction
Get more results in less time with the Twin Force Bite Corrector Device. Class II or Class III bite correction can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months with standard treatment techniques. The Twin Force Bite Corrector Device can provide the same treatment results in half the time without patient compliance and frequent adjustments. Plus inventory requirements are minimal and no kits are required. No other appliance available today performs like the Twin Force Bite Corrector Device. From its ease of use, to its simplicity, the Twin Force Bite Corrector Device is the appliance you’ve been looking for. Just install in minutes and let it do its job.