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Interceptive Treatment

It is indicated when there is conditions that if left untreated may lead to malocclusion and may worsen the existing occlusion, the main goal of interceptive treatment is eliminate the cause of and to reduce the severity of any developing malocclusion.

What are the advantages of interceptive treatment?

  • Corrects thumb sucking habits
  • Enhancing facial balance through adjusting  jaw growth
  • Create room  for erupting teeth
  • Reduces length of treatment
  • guides permanent teeth into desired positions 

Indication of interceptive treatment:

  • Correction of Thumb sucking and Pacifier Habits. Persistent thumb sucking, and extended use of a pacifier effect the development of the mouth. Thumb sucking, and pacifier use after the age of three could result in:
  • misaligned teeth growing out of position
  • narrower dental arches
  • extreme tongue thrust habits
  • protruding front teeth which may be more susceptible to injury
  • “open bites” that would require extensive orthodontic treatment to straighten
  • Constricted palate
  • Teeth crowding
  • Un even development of upper and lower jaw

Interceptive orthodontic treatment can take place when patients have primary teeth or mixed dentition (baby and permanent teeth). A patient may require more than one phase of interceptive orthodontic treatment.