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Planning Your Treatment

1- Initial Examination

It’s the first step in orthodontic care during examination it is determined
if treatment is necessary
when it should start
how long it will take.

Request for  X-ray  is needed for the definite diagnosis

Second: Diagnostic records
X-rays :
Panoramic X-ray: to evaluate bone support and number of teeth and impacted or missing teeth
1- Cephalometric:
to evaluate dentofacial proportions, characterize the teeth and bone relationships and to monitor growth

Cone Beam CT: It's a (3-D) images of the patient ,this is of value as malocclusion results from discrepancies in three planes of space

2- Diagnostic models

3- Photographs:
series of frontal and lateral facial  photographs and  intra-oral photographs for bony and soft tissue analysis

Third: consultation
At this time,

  •  your records will be reviewed with patient  
  • Explaining  in detail the nature and extent of your orthodontic problems
  •  Outlining treatment plan to correct them
  •  suitable types of braces needed  and provide you with the total cost and approximate length of treatment

Begning Of Treatment:
Finally, treatment begins!  In most cases, it takes one or two appointments to place orthodontic appliances on the teeth.  After appliances have been placed, you will return between four to 10 week intervals for examinations and adjustments.